Guidelines for Authors

'Sanshodhan' National Level Annual Research Journal, invites original research papers from academicians and professionals in the area of Science, Commerce, Arts and other allied fields. With submitting manuscripts for the journal, contributors should follow the following guidelines :

1) Submit your research papers only online mode. Send it to email address The research paper should contain the title of the resarch paper, author's name, affiliation, postal/e-mail address and phone number. Book reviews and summary of Ph.D. thesis or majors minor research project not exceeding two pages are also welcome

2) Send plagiarism report along with the research paper Without plagiarism report paper will not be accepted for publication.

2) Each research paper should include an abstract not exceeding 150 words and the length of the full paper should not exceed in typed pages in 12 point font size in Times Roman for English, Kritidev and Unicode 15 point for Hindi, Marathi in 15 point font size.

3) References must be arranged alphabetically indicating year with in brackets exactly matching that in the text. Authors should desist in referencing those papers which are not quoted in the text. Examples:

i(i) For Books-Kanetkar, Medha (2008) International Marketing1st Ed. Shri Sainath Prakashan, Nagpur - PP 27-30

(ii) For Journals: Somani, Sohanlal (2010), 'Lift yourself by yourself ' Commerce Times NVCC (Nag Vidarbha Chamber of Commerce) September - PP. 15-17
References must be typed on a separate page at the end of the manuscript. Tables, Figures, Charts and other diagrams must be numbered and embedded with suitable heading, sources must be given just below at foot of the table or chart. Questionnaire used should be sent along with manuscript.

4) Foot notes should be avoided. Give the notes at the end of the paper on separate sheet; and should not mixed with references.

5) All articles, research papers should be original and not be published elsewhere.

6) Research paper should be clear and grammatically correct.

7) In the review of Books, must provide details such as name of the author/title of the book reviewed/place of publication/publisher/year of publication, Press/Price and Pages.

8) The Editorial Board reserves all the right to select and adjust the articles to the style of the journal.

9) The research paper not accepted for publication will not be returned to the author.

10) Publisher holds the copyright to all articles and other material published in the journal.

11) All correspondence relating to the submission of papers, subscription and all other enquires be addressed/e-mailed to
Dr. Medha Kanetkar, Asst. Editor, Sanshodhan' National Level Annual Research Journal, C. P. & Berar E. S. College, Tulsibag, Nagpur-440 032 Maharashtra Ph. No. 0712-2722329 Fax - 0712-2722329 E-mail-

Plagiarism checkup procedure

The following procedure is adapted for plagiarism checkup by the editors

1) Authors have to upload their research papers through website i.e or sent to editors email i.e

2) The uploaded manuscript will then be checked for plagiarism using iThenticate tool from crossref.

3) If it is within the permissible limits, it will be taken for peer review, else author will be asked to revise and send back the manuscript.